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4. Osan Air Base, the Exclusive Port of Entry Exit for the US Occupiers

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PressArirang is proudly introducing an article by Mr. Dale Han about the US Military Camps in S. Korea and an Addendum. Due to the extensive length of the text, this

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The author of this article strongly recommends watching the following video of

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Introduction: United States of America: The Imperialist Immemorial (?)

1. The US Army Garrison Yongsan Camp: A Yankee Panopticon in the heart

of the Capital City, Seoul

2. A National “C*nt Sale” for the Economic Prosperity  

3. Camp Stanley / Casey near DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

4. Osan Air Base, the Exclusive Port of Entry / Exit for the US


5. The Military Flagship Installation: Camp Humphreys in the middle of fertile /

rich rice field  that provides the essential foods for people

6. Moon is more a gopher or a water boy than a matchmaker in a Trump/Kim


7. The Status Quo in the Peninsula is just dandy and copasetic for Uncle Sam

8. It is all about China and the revival of Yellow Peril 

Addendum:  November 2019 - Donald Trump is the best American President

for both South and North Korea!?



4. Osan Air Base, the Exclusive Port of Entry / Exit for the US



By Dale Han




The Osan Air Base is located 35–mile South of the Capital City,

Seoul in the middle of rice paddy about 5-mile North of the Camp

Humphreys and has been one of two major Air Bases in S. Korea

(the Kunsan Air Base located further south is another one, hosting

squadrons of US F-16 Fighter Jets)…and it has functioned as an

official hub airport of incoming / outgoing traffic centrals for

the United States Forces in Korea (USFK)…


mean there are no S. Korean Government institutions such as

exit / entry control or customs offices… that the sovereign

powers by so-called “the Republic of Korea”end at the Gates of the Osan Air Base as in all other military bases there.


That is, S. Korean Government is not supposed to know / has

no right to know who is entering / exiting from their country

or what kind of materials are imported / exportedunder the

cover of the SOFA (State Of Forces Agreement).


In the 19th Century, Britain, other Europeans, and Japanese

countries had sought their imperial powers via acquiring the

direct control of foreign lands.


But World War II made this option of territorial expansion

not ideological since United States framed the War as an anti-

colonial struggle and pledged to assist the de-colonization of

the colonized territories when the war ends.


Americans simply went underground and began to establish

the basing network of 800-something various size of military

outposts stippling the globe in a fashion of “lily pads” in the



The US Military base network established in S. Korea and Japan

was formulated as the forwarding strategy” that Americans

maintain its military forces as close as possible to the border of

ChinaNorth Korea has been a mere obstacle / an obnoxious

encumbrance against Uncle Sam’s intrusion toward Asian Continent, until “the little Rocket Man” was able to acquire the technology

to launch the ICBMs tipped with hydrogen bomb beyond the

Pacific ocean up to the east coast of the North American Continent.


The US Military Base System has been a product of the old cold

war era when it was said that the US military bases in S. Korea and Japan deterring / containing Soviet communist expansion in Asia…

when the cold war ended, China simply takes its seat from Russia

while Japan was more than happy to play a role of Britain in the

Pacific Ocean, since it gives Japan a role of regional power broker

and financial benefits, as if a Jap plays a role of the regional capo

in the Mafia racketeering. 


When I reached the main gate of the Osan Air Base by bus late

Saturday afternoon, I have a weird / uncanny feeling that I was

missing something…something very important and significant

element that I was intended to explore during my tour…there was

a market place a few yards from the main gate to the Air Base

where the stores were ready to serve exclusively for the gluttonous / insatiable / rainbow-color varieties of American libido in the

Base Camp.


Strangely there were no uniformed GI customers roaming /

peeking around the stores / bars/restaurants… When I looked

back since my arrival in Seoul weeks ago, I realized that I have

not seen one / single uniformed US SOLDIER in the streets /

towns / cities (including the Capital City, Seoul) or the Camp

Towns that I have explored last few weeks where over 30,000

US MILITARY calls it home for over half a century!except 

on the Television screen!


I mean, it would be, for average S. Korean Joe Blows, like 

hitting a jackpot in the lottery game to encounter / talk to

a uniformed or armed US OCCUPYING FORCES in S. Korea!!! 


It was more difficult to find a military-uniformed American

soldier in the streets of Seoul than a pearl in the pig-pen.

(a low-ranking GIs are not allowed to drive a privately-owned

vehicle in the street.)


Where are our nuclear-armed American friends defending

against the North’s invasion?


Oh yea, I found them, lots of them in the Hooker Hill / shops

in the meandering narrow street corner near barbed wire / high

walled military compound…but not in a uniform-clad, but a

loitering air b-n-b quest strolling the inner city in a casual



Wait a minute, then…how I could determine that the customers

in the market are almost all the American soldiers and not an air

b-and-b tourist when all foreigners in the market were in civilian

clothes, not in any form of military outfits…by observing their

crew-cut hair style / macho body languages / ugly-fit civilian

clothes like the ones borrowed from his cousins in a hurry.


Over there, I have discovered a hidden re-alignment of the

US military occupational strategy…


Americans (foreigners) stand out like a sore thumb in the street

/ store / market / theatre, anywhere and everywhere in S. Korea…

as Americans disparage Vietnamese people as a “Gook”,

they called Koreans, both North and South, “Gooks” too,

since there could be no exterior / facial differences between them

no matter how diligently South Koreans attempt to emulate /

behave / carve / cut / camouflage their face / attires alike a

high-nosed / blonde-breached-hair a fake Yankeecultural

imperialism is a one way street…it seems that Americans,

“guests”, do not want to interact / associate with S. Korea

residents, soi-disant “hosts”, any more than a well-fed /

groomed fox cooped up in their chicken coop …

”Our Little America Towns”…surrounded / protected by

razor-wired top high-Walled Settlements resembling

look-a-like-Jewish Settlements in the West Bank, Palestine.


I began to realize that a guest has begun to build self-contained / enduring own homes in host’s country almost pro bono under the legal cover of the treaty (SOFA)the base camps have

evolved from the likes of the Shanghai Concessions to the

French Legionnaires Camps in Algeria / Vietnam and then the

Jewish Settlements in Palestine…in which no outside elements

around the Settlements have anything to do with maintaining /

sustaining the lives of the Settlers…and under the international law, the essence of military occupation is based on an assumption that it is a temporary situation no matter what the pact between two

concerned states stipulates…I mean, if the occupation that does

not end and morphed into permanent one is de facto an

annexation of foreign and sovereign territory, a la US

TERRITORY, where  the Banana Republic sovereignty squeaks to a

full stop (US Army Post Office addresses in the Base (Zip code

96271) are considered American addresses).


-To Be Continue



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