<영문판> A Dispatch from the Neo-Colonial Outposts of US Empire: the Enduring American Boots-On-The-Ground Occupation in South Korea 4th article of 10 Series

3. Camp Stanley / Casey near DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

프레스아리랑 | 기사입력 2020/01/10 [03:51]

<영문판> A Dispatch from the Neo-Colonial Outposts of US Empire: the Enduring American Boots-On-The-Ground Occupation in South Korea 4th article of 10 Series

3. Camp Stanley / Casey near DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

프레스아리랑 | 입력 : 2020/01/10 [03:51]

▲ 1991년 윤금이씨를 살해한 미군 케네스 마클     



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PressArirang is proudly introducing an article by Mr. Dale Han about the US Military Camps in S. Korea and an Addendum. Due to the extensive length of the text, this

article will be uploaded by 9 parts, starting with an introduction. We hope you

enjoy reading this article. 


The author of this article strongly recommends watching the following video of

the Camp Humphreys before you jump into reading his long-winded article.








Introduction: United States of America: The Imperialist Immemorial (?)

1. The US Army Garrison Yongsan Camp: A Yankee Panopticon in the heart of the

Capital City, Seoul

2. A National “C*nt Sale” for the Economic Prosperity  

3. Camp Stanley / Casey near DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

4. Osan Air Base, the Exclusive Port of Entry/Exit for the US Occupiers  

5. The Military Flagship Installation: Camp Humphreys in the middle of fertile/rich

rice field  that provides the essential foods for people

6. Moon is more a gopher or a water boy than a matchmaker in a Trump/Kim


7. The Status Quo in the Peninsula is just dandy and copasetic for Uncle Sam

8. It is all about China and the revival of Yellow Peril 

Addendum:  November 2019 - Donald Trump is the best American President for both South and North Korea!?


3.     Camp Stanley / Casey near DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)


By Dale Han


My excursion to the northern towns just a few miles south of the DMZ was not much

exciting but bored one…it took about 30-something minutes by the train ride from the

edge of Seoul subway station and there were no more bucolic scenes along the tracks as I

used to enjoy observing when I was a kid riding a train excursion to the region…a forest of

endless / ugly rows of white concrete / high-rise apartments and small industrial park

where dilapidated Quonset huts make the scene in the quiet village. 


Both cities accommodating Camp Stanley and Casey, a home to the US 2nd Infantry

Division, were non-descriptive towns…except a long high cement block wall of the

garrison cuts off the edge of town circle and grotesquely stamped the City that these

camps are occupied / positioned by American GIs beyond the reaches of S. Korean

sovereign rights and residents comforts. 


(Both Camps were slated to close and consolidated to Camp Humphreys until the end of



There was a vicious crime committed by an American soldier in Camp Casey on a S.

Korean hooker in 1992 that merits to be told in this diary…


One of S. Korean hookers was brutally murdered by Private Kenneth Markle, a 21-year

old medic stationed in Camp Casey. 


▲ 1991년 미군 케네스 마클에 의해 잔혹하게 살해된 윤금이씨   

Her naked body was found sprawled on the floor of her apartment, legs spread

apart, a coke bottle inserted in her vagina, an umbrella deeply penetrated into her



It’s only one of hundreds / thousands of atrocities committed by the US Occupying /

Imperial Army against the people in their host nation. 


The culprit was sentenced first to life / commuted to a mere 15 years / then paroled in

2006 / sent back to the custody of US Justice Department…


And the victim, ”a dollar-earning patriotbecame a forgotten trash lying in the field

without a tombstone near Camp site


There seemed absolutely no rationale to commute the life sentence of this heinous crime

to a mere 15-year confinement for a 22-year-young man…


Except the culprits belonged to the privileged soldier like an aristocrat protected under

the neo-colonial clauses of “the Status Of Forces Agreement” in a banana republic,

where the corrupt judicial branch of the host nation has been playing a role of a concierge

service to the troubled dictators in the executive branch…


That is, the Supreme Court has hanged a drove of the innocent political activists multiple

times in cahoots with the autocratic regimes during the Military dictatorships in the 70’s

and 80’s and one of the Chief Justices who presided execution of the innocent has also

given wing to many of his “shrunk”… sons / grandsons / in-laws…to the positions of judges

hip / cabinet member / VIP status in the current power circle in 2017. 


Korean old saying goes: “Not Guilty when you’ve got beaucoup money, But Guilty If

you are a No-body”   


Arriving at the railway station, I took a bus ride to the rear gate of Camp Stanley where “My

Sister’s Place”, an NGO office sits on the corner blocks paired with a butcher shop…

introduced myself as an investigative / freelance journalist from Canada and requested a

formal interview with a person in charge. 


In the first place, the old lady in charge was very much kind / eager to talk about the nature

of their work that they are there to help / rescue any stranded / trouble-some sex



When I expressed my target is about the native S. Korean hookers, not about the

Filipina or Russian bargirls, she balked / murmured / refused to answer my

queries on how many native women called to visit / seek to get help from her



I’d say that I can’t tell there are absolutely no native-born prostitutes seeking help from


We received some cri de coeur from some native women who were in a sex trade with


And she hurriedly went out for lunch break with her staff leaving me behind in a frustrated



I found out later that this NGO has been funded heavily by the S. Korean Government and

they simply don’t want to bite the feeding hands…


Of course, other civic movements dealing with US Military are not much different from this

NGO’s half-hearted / nonchalant cover-up on the whore business.


Currently, South Koreans hold such a full of chutzpah / self-righteousness that their women

are too sacrosanct / civilized / high-nosed to be sexually violated by foreigners in 21st 



What happened in the Military Camp towns from days of 1950s to early 2000 was a

social disgrace but a necessary evilto entertain the US military for national



We, in the 21st Century, are now in a position of hiring other less-valued women from the

third world country (shit holes country) and sexually exploiting them on behalf of their

women, since S. Korea has to maintain the amicable patron-client relationship with the

occupying Yankee soldiers.   


-To Be Continue


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