<영문판> A Dispatch from the Neo-Colonial Outposts of US Empire: the Enduring American Boots-On-The-Ground Occupation in South Korea 10th article of 10 Series

Addendum: Donald Trump is the best American President for both South and North Korea!?

프레스아리랑 | 입력 : 2020/02/29 [07:42]


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PressArirang is proudly introducing an article by Mr. Dale Han about the US Military Camps in S. Korea and an Addendum. Due to the extensive length of the text, this article will be uploaded by 9 parts, starting with an introduction. We hope you enjoy reading this article. 


The author of this article strongly recommends watching the following video of the Camp Humphreys before you jump into reading his long-winded article.





Introduction: United States of America: The Imperialist Immemorial

1. The US Army Garrison Yongsan Camp: A Yankee Panopticon in the heart of the Capital City, Seoul

2. A National “C*nt Sale” for the Economic Prosperity  

3. Camp Stanley/Casey near DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

4. Osan Air Base, the Exclusive Port of Entry/Exit for the US Occupiers  

5. The Military Flagship Installation: Camp Humphreys in the middle of fertile /

rich rice field  that provides the essential foods for people

6. Moon is more a gopher or a water boy than a matchmaker in a Trump / Kim


7. The Status Quo in the Peninsula is just dandy and copasetic for Uncle Sam

8. It is all about China and the revival of Yellow Peril 

Addendum: November 2019.. Donald Trump is the best American President for both South and North Korea!

By Dale Han

It is not a strecht to tell that S. Korean Joe-blows know nothing but their new Overlord,

Donald Trump was a real estate-developer-turned-casino mogul who was  born with a

silver-spoon in his mouth…


Then, these S. Korean sheeple were shocked / nonplused by Trump’s demand of 5 Billion

dollar payment for the US military occupation cost and they cried out that they can’t afford

to pay such an exobitant sum of cost sharing burden.


Are the intellectual elite group of talkingheads, professors, editors, researchers, and

politicians in and out of S. Korean peninsula any better in figuring out Trump’s moves /

gestures / ramblings than average Joes in the lowest rung in the dog-eat-dog society?


A majority of these crème de la crème intellectuals are a product of American University

where they were brainwashed / reshaped / reprogrammed / marinated / acredited with a

variety of fanciful doctorates that carry with an air of godly authorithy and guarantee their

career of comfortable positions at the academic circle during their life span…


When they return home with a fanfare of PHD degree, they became a facilitator in the

half a century process of the cultural genocide campagin by the Yankee civilization.


And voila! Most of them ended up a Trump aficionado advising Korean-American

electorates to vote for Trump in the upcoming Presidential Election…a loopy / Deep State

freak editor-in-chief  wrote an article that Trump may get assassinated as if Kennedy got

killed and urged Korean-Americans gather / protect the Trump Presidency…a Professor in

rural S. Korean University volunteers to give a wet blowjob to Trump for the sake of

peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula…


A go-to-guy for the national unity / an ex-cabinet member bullshited that Trump is a

godsending pol in achieving peace and unification in Korea. They all become a ring-kissing

acolyte for Trump the Savior!


Why? No other American Presidents have ever met and chitchat with Kim-the-Third and

they believe that Trump has a gall defying against the Washington Establishment (Deep

State) that has kept the Korean War in limbo for 70 years.  


How about the S. Korean politicians? The following episode tells exactly how American

looks at them…a pack of comprador / butler /kiss-ass low life / a Gook.


When Harry Harris, US Ambassador to Seoul, had subpoenaed several members of S.

Korean Assemblymen into the US Embassy for consultation (?) over the 5Billion Dollar

matter, there were no elite intellectuals standing up against the absurdity / arrogance of

Ambassador’s  gauche / ill-mannerd / impertinent invitation…


He should be condemned as a persona non grata and shipped back to Hawaii. Not many

S. Koreans know about Admiral Harris…S. Korean mass media are infamously playing

ignorance about the resume of American Poobah and ambassador Harris  was not an



Not many S. Koreans would know that Admiral Harris (a half Jap) was the

commander of the infamous Guantanamo Prison Gulag in 2006…during his command,

three prisoners committed suicide jointly (?) and Harris bitterly accused of suiciders

declaring that; “I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetrical

warfare waged against us.”…blaming and spitting on the graves of the deads without a

bit of compunction…


A tough guy isn’t he? How could three inmates commit suicide while they were on a day /

night suicide watch? Probably that’s why Trump picked him up for S. Koreans instead of

leaving him as an ambassador to Austraria.


 Let’s get into the matter about “Trump the Great”…sometime ago Trump boasted an

episode in his teenage era when he accompanied his dad collecting the rent checks from

the Brooklyn tenants saying that “it’s easier to get a billion dollars from the South

Koreans than to get $114.13 from a rent-controlled Brooklyn apartment, and

believe me, those 13 cents were very important.”


In these episode, you’d figure out easily how Trump works and plays in dealing with

countries that follow the dictate of their overlord Uncle Sam…like a shakedown in the

Mafia style in the real estate development project where the builder browbeats the

sub-contractors to force either to accept his offer of reduced money or see you in court



He has been always a winner in the zero-sum game of bourgeois capitalism and he has

built his real estate business in this fashion for decades…without a Lawyer credential,

Trump, before being a President, became an expert in getting what he wants in the court

in over thousands of legal cases like getting out of not paying creditors or declaring

bankruptcy, et al.


Likewise, he’d be enjoying the impeachment procedure in the same manner, filing every

legal loophole of delaying / dragging / appealing all sorts of legal mumbo-jumbo up to the

start of the next Presidential Election in 2020 and the Republican-majority Senators sit on

it until the verdict is in…


White American trashes vote to elect Trump the Great as their King second time and the

impeachment theatre lowers its curtain and the fireworks begin for the inaugural

ceremony of the Trump the King II.


*I would like to caveat with a reminder to the readers that Trump’s second term presidency

does not garrantee that his third / fouth / fifth term or life term would never come true…

unless God invalidates his volte-face chess game.


 The end

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