<영문판> A Dispatch from the Neo-Colonial Outposts of US Empire: the Enduring American Boots-On-The-Ground Occupation in South Korea 6th article of 10 Series

5. The Military Flagship Installation: Camp Humphreys in the middle of fertile/rich rice field that provides the essential foods for people

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▲ Bird eye view of Camp Humphrey. How come the S. Koreans can’t see any difference from the colonial Japanese Occupiers to the neo-colonial Yankee Soldiers?   © 프레스아리랑

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PressArirang is proudly introducing an article by Mr. Dale Han about the US Military Camps in S. Korea and an Addendum. Due to the extensive length of the text, this article will be uploaded by 9 parts, starting with an introduction. We hope you enjoy reading this article. 


The author of this article strongly recommends watching the following video of the Camp Humphreys before you jump into reading his long-winded article.







Introduction: United States of America: The Imperialist Immemorial (?)

1. The US Army Garrison Yongsan Camp: A Yankee Panopticon in the heart of the Capital City, Seoul

2. A National “C*nt Sale” for the Economic Prosperity  

3. Camp Stanley/Casey near DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

4. Osan Air Base, the Exclusive Port of Entry/Exit for the US Occupiers  

5. The Military Flagship Installation: Camp Humphreys in the middle of fertile/rich rice field  that provides the essential foods for people

6. Moon is more a gopher or a water boy than a matchmaker in a Trump/Kim tete-a-tete.

7. The Status Quo in the Peninsula is just dandy and copasetic for Uncle Sam

8. It is all about China and the revival of Yellow Peril 

Addendum:  November 2019 - Donald Trump is the best American President for both South and North Korea!?




5. The Military Flagship Installation: Camp Humphreys in the

middle of fertile/rich rice field  that provides the essential foods

for people


By Dale Han


When Uncle Trump landed as the PRESIDENT OF THE US (POTUS) at the Osan Militar

Air Base in S. Korea last fall in 2017, S. Korea Minister of External Affairs greeted Uncle

Trump at the bottom of the lamp on behalf of S. Korean President.


President Trump’s visit was the state visit…should be greeted by the S. Korean

president at the S. Korean International Airport with the Honor Guards pomposity

according to the international protocols?!


However, there was not a peep regarding this breach of the protocol…not even from

such a vociferous/yak-yakking S. Korean mediano one raised the issue why their

Emperor chose to land on his “Territory”, fearing that the big-mouth Emperor may

get upset like a teenager in a tantrum, throwing his toys (A-bombs / F-35s / B1B

bombers) around in an attempt to frighten the neighbors.


It wasn’t an accident that Uncle Trump landed at the Osan Air Base. The Veep, Mike

Pence, an arrogant proconsul, also landed there in May 2017 too… I could gather that

the undercover agents from the USCIA / FBI / DIA / NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY /

SEAL TEAM 6 / would enjoy an undetected in/out of a quasi-sovereign-but-banana

Republic at will.


Ain’t he more comfy to land on his own home ground (his Territory) than others? It appears

that Uncle Trump wanted to declare who the Boss is…and it’s time for S. Korean Gooks

having a chance to learn who their new/Blondie American Emperor is.


Donald Trumpis the honest / real face of the American people…grasping, boorish,

arrogant,  resentful, selfish, infantile, narcissistic, blustering snake-oil salesman -

cum - wannabe fascist who runs with the hare and hunts with the hound as he likes

…this is America that most of S. Koreans were not familiar with due to the life-long

propaganda / education / cultural bombardments they have been brainwashed with since

1945 when GI’s neo-colonialism has replaced the Jap’s imperialism in their

guardianshipS. Koreans have been fascinated with the American Dreamthe

pathology that we all are going to be a millionaire if we’d live in a democratic /

capitalist country like Americawhere a culture of cheating, lying, hustling, self-serving,

exploiting, gun-toting and threatening is the name of the game


This phenomena already are manifesting / flourishing all over the South Korean

society today!! (S. Koreans love to copy everything / anything Americans do as they

copy Me-Too campaign enthusiastically and religiously…


If it’s a Made-in-USA, they trust and no questions asked. I mean S. Koreans have

become the bastard children of bourgeois capitalists.


And voila!

The S. Korean vassal President ran for Camp Humphreys in a hurry to kowtow and

kneel down toward Emperor Trump on all fours!!

 Why did S. Korean President rush to the American Settlement, Camp Humphreys,

where the Boss arrived on a Helicopter without waiting for the formal ceremony at the

Presidential Palace?


Was he so itchy to kneel down eagerly for his overlord Uncle Trump? According to the

South Korean Press report, the Vassal President Moon wanted to show his

Emperor Uncle Trump how obsequiously S. Koreans have contributed their blood

money for the building of the biggest US Military Camp in the World!


He, as a host, takes pride in paying 93% of total costs, $13 Billion and UP for his



It’s no surprise for Koreans their political leaders crawling on the floor in an audience with

neighboring Emperors…during the 500-year reign of the past Yi- Dynasty, the Korean

Kings sent a package of tributary (ginseng / silk /virgin gals) to the neighboring Chinese

Emperor each / every new year celebration.


Amazingly, Moon’s “progressive-minded” comrades  were making a go of it too…they

argue that it’s worth to spend billions to build the military facilities in order to make the

“guests army” feel at home…like a buzzing of cicadas in the summer, a gaggle of

flags-waving conservative / red-scare / old farts sing along a Kumbaya all together (oddly

enough, the Israeli flags of Star of David are always  displayed / waved in tandem with

American Star-Spangled Banner) …


There has been no denying that a majority of South Koreans to a varying degree of

intensity appears to be in the contents with the US Armed Forces presence in their

land no ending in sight…


Because S. Koreans firmly believe that the US Army presence in their land plays a role

of a trip wire that guarantees the US entry into a new war against North Korea.


Since the repositioning of the US Forces in Korea into the Camp Humphreys, the

Occupiers  have themselves isolated as much as possible from the gooks residing in

surrounding Hooch villages by building a huge 3500-acre self-containing fortress

with four schools of kindergarten / middle and high schools, an 18-hole golf cours,

water park, PX, new food court of Taco Bell, Arby’s, three Star Buck coffee shops,

theater, 24-hour Fitness Club and a 9,000 feet runway airportand the endless rows

of residential apartments for the comfort of the families of tens of thousands of

resident soldiers.


American occupying forces and their families are going to be here to stay as

permanent residents not as uniformed soldiers but the “resident extraordinaire

whose extra-territorial rights guarantee an enchilada of privileges and benefits

against the aborigines in the land.


Hiding in civilian attire is one of sneak tactics that appease the Korean angsts

against the armed gangs of foreign professional killers who roam around their



How come the S. Koreans can’t see any difference from the colonial Japanese

Occupiers to the neo-colonial Yankee Soldiers?


-To be continued



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